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! In The Steps Of Rumi 81: Grace
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! In The Steps Of Rumi 81: Grace

Poem By Michael Shepherd

You see the word ‘grace’.
It’s just a word. You don’t use it,
don’t really know how to
think of it; whether it’s real,
what it does, whether you’d notice it

That’s OK. So,
are you missing anything?
Make it quick, I’m busy…

Right. Think of appetite.
That feeling in the stomach
that it’s high time. Mm, maybe
something’s going on in the kitchen;
smells good.

Everything on the table looks
good enough to eat…
this pear: so perfectly ripe, the juice
running down your wrist yet
even more of it contained.
It’s almost too good to eat..

quick, stop the camera right there:
subliminally, one single frame: grace.

Animal appetite,
observed by human,
divinely created.

Remember it. Grace.
In some languages, the same
word for the gift of it, and
for thanks. Gracias, amigo..
Deo gratia.. that’s gifts
from God, not of God.
Or, thanks to God.
Does that matter, when it’s matter?

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Comments (2)

I have never forgotten what you once said in a comment on me as a poet - 'Grace abounding...' love, Allie xxxx
Yes your poem is beautiful and yes so full of grace. 'These words may not be pure truth, but they contain an energy that you can spend.' (Rumi 81)