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! In The Steps Of Rumi 82: Ignorance, Obstructions, Devils
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! In The Steps Of Rumi 82: Ignorance, Obstructions, Devils

Poem By Michael Shepherd

Ignorance? Don’t worry. It’s light..

Divine light. Frozen. Waiting for the day when -
isn’t that a little lightening on the eastern horizon?
Do you see it? Now I look, it’s definitely there..
it’s growing as I look…
this could be the beginning…

Obstructions? Don’t worry. They’re light…

Divine light. Hidden. You see them, and –
now you see them, now you take a good look at them,
suddenly you can see round them, over them, above them…
oh, they weren’t obstructions… they were
signposts, here’s a big black nothing
standing as a sentinel across the path…

Devils? Don’t worry. They’re God…

It’s God saying, how strong are you,
are you ready to see me yet, or
will the brightness be too much for you?
No problem - take your time...
invent something - ignorance, obstructions, devils -
... feel a hero to overcome it all...
I'll wait... I've all the time in the world...

They, those devils, don’t like you to know, of course –
it’s fun playing with people; but
it’s no fun knowing you are bound
finally to lose… God has to give them
a reason to work hard, to enjoy themselves… like you?

Don’t worry. It’s all light..
have a bright day…

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Michael this is wonderful! Yoga is just that - the actual process of moving through resistance - and what an amazing experience it is - to yield to obstruction in just the right way, to enter so deeply and to find such ecstasy! You're right, it's all light - it's all right. love, Allie xxxx