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In The Thinking Of Bureaucrats

In the thinking of the bureaucrats profit before people does count
Ten million dollars in annual company profits to them a small amount
They pay their C E O's huge salaries to keep their expenditure down
You will not find any bureaucrat living on the poor side of the town
You will not find many bureaucrats who are blessed with empathy
Who for the have nots of the World feel any sympathy
To have compassion is not an asset to an aspiring to be billionaire
The bureaucrats who have such to say the least are rare
In bureaucratic thinking no love for plants and trees
No love for flowers and birds and animals and no love for refugees
To them it is a self inflicted thing the scourge of poverty
Compared to the non bureaucrat the bureaucrat looks at life differently
In the thinking of the bureaucrats profit does come before all
Ten million in annual profit to them is very small.

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