In The Third Cabin Of The Sinking Ship

Poem By macaulay akinbami

Today, is my aniverssary of pains and agony
I remember, The Beautiful voyage in a drowning ship
soul's in distress, the heart is filled with unspeakable pain
Seas opening to swallow our pride
Help came too late.
to the third citizen in the room on water wheels
Helpless wailings
Children of he lesser gods.
as always neglected in renown tragedies
arms so numb
Whetted in endless tears,
That lifes so beautiful must end in cold sea
Amidst hungry whales and measureless depth.
In the Third Cabin, our voices ignored in the Dillema
Though escapes was useless.
Fear of the Unknown
as scampers scrammbling speedily from the hole
Children of the lesser gods.
head of victims wailing in vain.
We wept,
we wailled
yet we died.
in the third cabin of the ship.

Comments about In The Third Cabin Of The Sinking Ship

This is a weird poem. Not sure I understand it, but it's rather unusual and for that reason I kind of like it.

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