In The Time Of The Twin

The horizon beckons urgently,
As love for you did once.
The sea and sky are close
As we were in our embraces,
They are so much the same
Like twins only five minutes old.
Male and female,
Their bodies are hardly different,
Little changes occur with time
Reflecting more lines of separation.
First, fine shades of subtle color
Then, they grow more different
The horizon becomes more definite
Between their deepening hues.
Still, they touch so intimately,
They lie skin to skin and wonder
Who they will be as time goes on,
Will one become intense and aquamarine
While the other grows cerulean and fine?


It’s true that love can be…disappointing.
So, don't let them get any older...

The day darkens the sea into its male moodiness,
Thrusting back and forth in waves,
Blown about by winds on a regular basis
Changing colors at depths and latitudes.

The sky is like pearl in early light
Colors so gentle they are ravishing,
In some moods a silvery fineness,
People come out just to look up,
Particularly after the storm breaks,
The rains drained fully out like tears
Out of the storm’s deep sorrow relieved.

I keep coming back to the islands.
The way the sky lies on the sea at dawn
Reminds me of how I loved you,
Before rains and the darkness came down.

by Gil Raff

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