The Right Girl For Me

I'm looking for a girl who's right for me,
One who knows how to talk intelligently,
She'll laugh at all my jokes,
And ignore the other blokes,
And find that I am just her cup of tea.

The task is not so easy, I have found,
There aren't that many 'right' ones still around,
But if they're out there somewhere,
And if any of them might care,
To find me, then I won't be going to ground.

My charisma can be in itself impressive,
My conversation I know is quite expressive,
I am kind in word and deed,
And I think you will concede,
That I wouldn't be someone who'd be repressive.

I can say that I'm a very balanced chap,
Who, when the going's tough would never flap,
But I'm really keen to find,
A lady of like mind,
Who in fact could quite ideally fill the gap.

So I'm hoping that this lady turns up soon,
Perhaps it could be this very afternoon,
I would greet her with a smile,
Which would certainly beguile,
And my vibrant personality should make her swoon.

So, do you think, that I could really have a chance,
Do you think that she would give me just one glance,
If this 'Miss Right' doesn't show,
That would really be a blow,
And put an end to all my thoughts of true romance.

No, there's got to be a girl who's right for me,
I won't believe there isn't, so soon you'll see,
An attractive lady on my arm,
A lady with such charm,
That eventually we'd become a Royal 'We'.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

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help me the question answer of exercise
how has the poet compared a railway journey to the journey of life
Such a beautiful poem full of the enthusiasm for and the wonder at a train ride! ! ! I wished he could have lived unto the age of flight- -I can only imagine what a majestic poem he would have written about that! ! !
Whatever be the the kind of train described in the poem, the focus remains on the thrill of its speed and beauty of a changing landscape during its journey. Enjoyed reading it. I quote: - Let the goal be far, the flight be fleet! While the Earth slips from our feet!
Whatever we experience on earth it is ephemeral. We indeed carry the Heaves with us. good write
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