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In The Twilight Of After-Greens

butterfly, be mine--
a ceaseless gush of the purest sunshine!
please remember the visions I had of you
when they appeared in shades so new.
yes, I had to be led further along,
until I found the One
who was composing my eternal song.

detailed as a spider, tracing the pattern of my love,
you are comparable to the wonder of a soaring dove!
imagined, where your amorous words erased my woe,
I'm still glad you'll dance the dream, with me, beau!

how great is this pleasure beneath this breath of sky?
'twas the ancient one, here in the spirit of unity,
who helped us learn to love and embrace the sky.

and, oh, how wonderful thou art--
the careful orchestration of my heart!
thou art the beauty my spirit hath proclaimed;
far glorious 'tis it that thy name hath remained!

still, I've written upon the emerald stars in the wood
floating down through spindly trees where they stood;
and, near the glen where the millpond-choirs grew,
my heart was enchanted beside the stream of blue.

then, once my eyes became deluged
with gentle drops of crystal rain,
a painted space revealed you in the west.
and, oh, what wonder I had found--
an affectionate bird fluttering in his nest!

thus, beneath this breadth of sky here,
in the twilight of after-greens,
I contend our love had to be a prayer
carried on the back of ancient kings
delightfully found deep
in the Spirit of the One who Sings!

blessed be the miracle of your heart,
inextricable with mine, from the start!
what love we, both, shall make?
flame on a birthday cake!

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