In The Twilight Of The 20th Century

The twilight in the closing days this century,
Silent moments ours to contemplate, essentially,
Since the dawn of history our lives we celebrate
Throughout the sacred halls of life to meditate.
Four generations have lived in war and peace,
Warring factions promising the call to cease,
A better world for humankind they built to live,
Offering love and hope and trust some freely give.
The loving child of this century is growing old
Having struggled, procreated, survived...behold,
Building mansions, temples, tents of trade,
Bearing witness on this century's slate.
The time has come to reflect again
The thousand dreams in memory lane,
Reliving voyages through time and space,
Life so vibrant, nostalgic ...but now a haze.
Reaching out beyond the wise old sages,
I hope to join my brethren of the ages,
Sharing bounty and the gifts of life's vitality,
Ever thankful to those living dream's reality!

by Carlo J. Flores

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