In The Walls Of Buna

Poem By LiLiana Lee

piece by piece,
my essence breaks away
Bit by bit,
I feel it decay
In the walls Buna
tears that fall, will remind me of that pain
for i'll hold onto it for just a bit longer,
so that I'll cease to be, I'll have given into despair,
in the walls
blood has flown along the grounds of the innocence
in the walls Buna
Silent screams come out of sorrow
Muted cries for a better tomorrow
in the walls Buna
Dear God, why? I'll plead
Why would you leave me in my time of need?
in the walls Buna
believing that our salvation was but one prayer
in the walls Buna
the world falls apart beneath our feet
We fight for every breath
We struggle for each step
in the walls Buna
None will survive the end
is this are fate
.in the walls Buna
With me hope almost means nothing.
With me it dwindles and evaporates in the air.
.our hearts beat as one as we all ache for the same resolution
in the walls Buna
in which we occupy our souls soak with anguish and distress,

in the walls Buna
we are nothing more than scarps in your eyes,
i refuse to eat on to their palms but i shall never forget how you left me in a world of ashes.
If there are miracles then give mercy on afflicted crowd proclaiming your their faith
in the walls Buna
If there are miracles It doesn't help that daily you have to find your food

It doesn't help when you taste the bread

Knowing that tears of misery is mixed in the dough
That nourishes our rotting bodies

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