MTB (2/15/66 / Vallejo, California)

In The Waters Of Life

The waters of life run deep,
Their unknowable currents swift.
Some are wont to wade it’s shores
And others merely drift.

Once I rode it’s mighty waves
Only to be dashed against the rocks
Observed by weathered faces
Lined up along the docks.

And once I swam it’s murky depths
Alone and lost and scared
Breathlessly rising to the surface
And still none of the faces cared.

So then I started once again
Swimming hard against the tide
And there amid the cresting waves
Your beauty had I spied.

Now I long to take you in my arms
And swim beyond the breaks
To hold you in the swelling waters
Before our ever growing wakes

Again I want to ride the waves
From the waters to the shore
And I know if you would join me
I’d enjoy it all the more

So let's find a tall and mighty wave
And swim it side by side
Gliding through a spinning tube
Above the quickly ebbing tide

And as the waves approach the rising sand
With a spray like salty rain
We’ll swim from shore back to the breaks
To seek the waves again

So be confident I’ll love you
Through the good times and the strife,
And all the wondrous mysteries
That are borne by the waters of life.

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This has a great feel to it... kind of like catching a wave. Excellent, Michael! Brian