In The Ways Of Love

I wondered tonight as I stood
Beneath that big black sky,
If you're thinking of me at all
If you can hear me cry.

How is it that I need your arms
To hold me ever more,
How can I need the arms
That I've never felt before?

I've never seen your eyes
Or how they look at me,
Yet I can look into your soul
And so very clearly see.

I've never felt your hands
Or the caress of your fingertips,
Or felt the warmth of your mouth
Pressed tight against my lips.

I've never known your body
Or how it felt against my own,
Even still the thrill of you
Is not something unknown.

My heart knows I love you so
Even though we've yet to meet,
Though we've never even touched
You make my world complete.

Our love transcends to another world
To another place and time,
Where all the world is perfect
And you are only mine.

Where the ocean is always calm
And the sea is always green,
Where I could taste your kiss
Some place other than my dreams.

by Kristi Day

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