Forming New Instruments

Slowly covering miles of ground
throughout life as age creeps closer to me.

Walking, looking through whatever comes along,
being curious, leveraging ideas into sight.

Attempting to match it all with abstract
cognition and finding all the right formulas
to be made into reality, of new inventions and
songs being sung about them.

Recognizing fibers of complete opposites,
making and forming new instruments to be
played by musicians in depths of rhythm.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (13)

I am continually surprised by the way most people read a poem bordering on perfection and grade it a 3 out of 10. Ignorance flourishes before our very eyes.
Read this before and read it again today and if anything I admire his storytelling skill even more than I did before. He knows the value of suspense- -be it from a rope or a story-line.
Its was a suspense poem, and the end was delightful
His taut lines echo the tautness of that rope and the darkness that must have lain over that little boy's heart at the stench and horror that inhabited that well. Incredibly well written.
Thoughtful writing enjoyable.....
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