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In The Wilderness

To my children I will not be a mystery
I will be their history,
All my stories I will proudly share
As though they were there.
They will know of my failures and my shame
And my accomplishments in every game,
My life and my past to my children I do owe
And all that I've done or said they will know.
They will never have to ask me why
They'll know the reasons that I get frustrated or cry,
My life to them, I will have told or shown
In the wilderness they will not be alone.

Randy L. McClave

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Great advice to all of us, Randy. We should all leave a journal so that our children and grandchildren know all about us. We should talk to them all the time while we are still around. As a last resort, they can know us by the poetry we leave behind.
It's a good idea to be a history, an open page, to one's children, and not a mystery. They will no my fame along my shame. Lovely piece.