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Poem By Jasimuddin

Those remaining,
In the playing of their silly games...
In a sustained immaturity,
Find themselves wishing to undo...
What it is they have done they do,
Once to them it has been acknowledged...
Those remaining,
In the playing of their silly games...
In a sustained immaturity,
Have lost all credibility...
In the world of adulthood,
Where children dressed 'as' adults...
Are not allowed to impress,
With a childish foolishness to be accepted.

You can't take a joke? '

~I use to accept fools with a suffering done...
Of their antics too.
At one time.
But a seriousness of my life,
And in my mind...
Seemed to have overnight,
Risen to the top of my priority list.
And adults who are mature,
Are the only folks I wish to deal with.
And they today appear difficult to find.
Call it...
A plateau of maturity reached.~

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Comments (2)

Nice poem written very well with great texture and incredible imagery. The ideas are flowing like a cascade. I liked it. Thanks for sharing..... Kindly read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2. Note: Blessed are you with your way of ignorance, But its me who will continue to entreat.
Children we are all When it comes to love When it comes to the fall Games need to be played For in the world of games comes pleasure Its good to take measure Common place in our homes It reminds us we are not alone When it becomes hated and ill related We are lost in the seriousness of forgetfulness Where we came from Who we are A constant reminder We can't let it drift to far Look at the shining star Tell me what you see Is it the child in me It gives me the power to believe When other will not They say let die and rot You see it as a fashion I see it as a passion Lets agree to disagree Under this great tree of irony Thanks for another great poem. I don't agree with it, but none the less it still inspires You are truly a great writer, with more subject matter that one reader could ever demand.