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In These Times Of Economic Downturn

In these times of economic downturn jobs have never been so few
And stories of financial hardship one can say are not new
And the gap between the rich and poor has never been so wide
Not surprising so many do feel they do not have God on side
'Tis an ill wind that does not blow good for some are wise words I do recall
And the economic depression it is not bad for all
Out of the misfortunes of many a minority stand to gain
Why this should be I must admit is way beyond me to explain
In wars and economic depressions the poor always lose out
That there is a God for everyone does not go without doubt
In these times of economic downturn sad stories are not rare
And the poor as usual do receive the heaviest cross to bear
And out of the misfortunes of many a few wealthier seem to grow
But why this should be to tell my truth I would not even know.

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