WG (August 19,1993 / Ruidoso, New Mexico)

In These Walls

In these walls
I keep my secrets and passions hidden
To never be discovered
The pain of the past is locked inside these four corners
Where my dreams and hopes are destroyed
In these walls
My eyes can see but they are blinded by love
New regrets and horrors are scattered every day
A blemish is kept an inperfection, a flaw
Sad begginings and rude awakenings repeat
In these walls
My heart starves for love
My feelings rearange and disorder more and more
Red paint surrounds them
A break, a tare, a bruise is normal
In these walls
happynesss and pain are divided
A tree begings to kill me at my birth awaiting my death
Suffering and torment only happen too much
An insane clown tries endlessly to break free
In these walls
I waist my time trying
In these walls
I waste my life living
In these walls
In peace lies my bitter taste

by Wendy Gomez

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