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In Thing

People with the biggest egos i do meet with every day
If they did not have themselves to talk of they would have nothing to say
Since they can only talk of their own successes conversing with them i do not delay
A competition for attention with some at least it is this way
Like to talk of their recent successes of their job promotion and raise in pay
It seems this crave for recognition is with humanity to stay
They only nurture their own egos narcissism is love of self gone wrong
Humility is near extinction and to a long gone age belong
They like to talk of their marvelous families of their brand new home and expensive car
I listen to but never tell them of how marvelous i think they are
Since this would only be deceptive of me i listen to them waffle on
The down to earth becoming rarer more of their sort in times long gone
In the early twenty first century self promotion an in thing
It is not seen as being boastful when your own praises you sing.

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