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In This Age Of Propaganda

Like many I grow older but I do not grow more wise
And like they say I do suppose boys always will be boys
And I too have grown cynical I cannot distinguish truth from lies
In this age of propaganda that should come as no surprise.

Another fifty people dead in a bomb blast in Baghdad
To some that is far away from home and that does not seem too bad
To some their lives are not important in comparison to ours
Even in the race of humankind there are weeds and there are flowers.

A terrorist is one who terrorizes people that's how 'twould seem to me
And war is the greatest form of terrorism though many with that may disagree
And two words called 'collateral damage' people dehumanize
My loathing of such a terminology I will not try to disguise.

For racism and patriotism the price is huge to pay
And we vote for the most unenlightened people on National Election day
For entrusting them with the highest office they repay us in fear
Of the terrorism they help to create we far too often hear.

In this age of propaganda we believe what we want to believe
And when we trust the untrustworthy our own selves we deceive
More innocents die in a suicide bombing in Palestine things could be worse they say
At least 'tis not in our backyard from here'tis far away.

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