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In This Bureaucratic Governed World

In this bureaucratic governed Human World the greedier seem to thrive
Whilst the millions of have nots struggle to survive
A thousand poor for every millionaire
The distribution of wealth as ever seems unfair

It does seem such a sad thing for to say
That people are dying of hunger and in war zones every day
And sad to think that though they caused suffering, death and created many a refugee
That it is the winners who do write the war history

But the reaper of lives on all lives has the final say
He deprives people of life's breath every day
He is not one who respects wealth and fame
He treats the life of the monarch and the pauper as the same

In this bureaucratic governed Human World in the social divide
The widening gap keeps on growing ever wide
And many grow poorer for every new millionaire
Whoever said that all in life is fair.

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