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In This Human World

In this Human World we live in ourselves with others we compare
But of what it takes to be a good person many do not seem aware
Few aspire to be better people though at what they do they want to be best
Many know of material success though many do not pass the good person test.

In this Human World we live in an often used word is success
As we seek the approval of others and others we want to impress
But most seek the success that comes with material possessions is this what life is all about
The idea of success to the majority is something that's open to doubt.

Few see success in helping the less privileged or for showing for them that we do care
Many see success in wealth accumulation yet too few for others their wealth does share
We come into the world with nothing and we cannot take our money with us when we die
The idea of what it takes to be successful is an idea that's based on a lie.

In this human world that we live in for material success many compete
Where many crave for recognition of being the wealthiest one in their street
But being the wealthiest person in your street or owning the biggest house or car
Does not tell us that much about you or of how good of a person you are.

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