In This Land Of The Free.

Poem By mariam khan Farah Abdulahi

Slavery has stoped
You say there is no isms
The black man is now free
Are you sure you did not just replace me!
You say I have the right to my freedom of speech
Yet every time I open my mouth
You seem to close it for me.
When I practice my beliefs
I pray five times a day
So you call me names
I’m an extremist
For doing as god has asked
If I stop to pray along the way
When I’m on my travels
Now I’m a terrorist
You watch my every move.
Please excuse me
I am confused
I did nothing to you?
Yet my family is not free
You go to our lands
The land that God has given to thee!
Somali, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Pakistan, Iran just to name a few.
As they are shot and blown to bits.
Just for not doing as you do.
You say you are a believer a Christian of Jew.
If that is true
Then practice what you preach.
Do as the Bible or torah tells you.
In the qu’ran it teaches me to be good to a believer
Muslim, Christian or Jew.
So if I would not hurt you.
Why don’t you think about what you do?
Stop interfering and going to our lands.
Learn to trust me
Don’t call me names and arrest me for no reason.
If you stop for one moment
You would see you have it the wrong way round
As you terrorise me and my family.

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