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In This Penning Of Rhyme For Me No Money

In this penning of rhyme for me no money and money is fame
As the late Neily Flynn used to say it is a hungry belly game
And though my physical best years now in the long gone
I do enjoy rhyming so i do rhyme on

In sports i do not have a glorious past to recall
As i was not any good at playing Gaelic Football
And in sports in Ireland Gaelic Football is seen as an important thing
And the praises of good gaelic footballers the Gaelic football fans do sing

I remember Willie Neenan the best of Millstreet
He beat men a third of his age in his seventies an amazing athlete
If as the late great Willie i could run as fast
Today i could look back on a glorious past

And though to many it may seem a great waste of time
I am always happy when i am penning rhyme
It is something that i never could give away
And i hope to be doing it till my last night and day.

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