(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

In This Prison

In winter;
With the light of joy in your eyes;
As you came around to see me.

With leaves and flowers of love;
Watered by the muse of peace and care;
As you came around to see me.

With the long winter at hand;
Still waiting for the summer to come,
For my freedom.

From the first sight;
With the muse of your smile,
As you came around to see me.

I am a writer;
And, i am writing behind the door of my prison,
In the dark room! !
Being put away for my mistake in life,
But, i am glad to have you around to read my works.

The soul!
Living in a disturbed world;
But, the muse of this literature will teach many,
And, putting my mind at rest in this prison.

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