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In This The Age Of The Worldwide Web

In this the age of The World Wide Web many do enjoy some sort of fame
Though people may read thing about you and yet not remember your name
For like most things fame has many faces some than others far better known
And some they are locally famous those that we refer to as our own
Many young people do daydream of great fame, a great dancer, sportsperson or movie star
Of being admired by millions of people and being driven in a chauffeur driven car
They live their great dreams in their daydreams and they feel that renown is their due
But not everyone can become mega wealthy and World famous and not every daydream does come true
Some of the ageing regret their lack of success and the young of greatness daydream
But only a few are celebrated and few wish to know the losing team
But thanks to the Worldwide Web some do become famous though not in a very big way
Though luck in life does play a big part that does seem a fair thing to say
In this the age of the Worldwide Web many some sort of fame do enjoy
And to become very wealthy and famous is the dream of the young girl and boy.

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