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In This World Of More Than Six Billion People

In this World of more than six billion people of every race and breed of woman and of man
The longest lived just live a few years with the century and in time that's not a very lengthy span
And in their lives so many have to suffer and of malnutrition many even die
Whoever first spoke of an egalatarian society only spread false hope that grew to a lie.

The good die young or so many will tell you but that is not the truth in every case
I know of some quite generous and kind hearted with gray hair and with wrinkles on their face
And they are now well into their eight decade the good die young to all does not apply
Another fallacy just like those who try to tell us that success is there for those for it who try.

In this World where extinction is forever more species are becoming extinct every day
And in this humans are not a blameless party in extinction a big part we seem to play
Habitat destruction and pollution are human creations where too many people live wildlife becoming rare
The World is overpopulated with people and too few about the World seem to care.

In this World where greed has become too abundant the many suffer whilst the privileged few do thrive
In the drought and war ravaged Countries of the World the millions have to struggle to survive
And for every winner there are many losers in a fair society things would not be this way
And human greed is the cause of much extinction that does not seem an unfair thing to say.

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