In Those Who Love You


I will trust in you and
Your wisdom shall be my
life's foundation for You
alone know all things

I will have faith which
is unwavering because
I know you will not fail
me and You are faithful
in all You share

You shall be my confidence
each day when I confide my
worldly ignorance to you
that your wisdom may bring
light to the darkness of my

For all spirits living
without You exist in a
dark shadowy grave, but
with You, there is a life
light to guide our paths

With You, there is a
radiant spiritual lamp
to lead us in our life's
journey that we may not

You shall be our master
and we your servants who
shall minister to others
as Your spirit ministers
to us each day

And your glory will be
displayed completely in
the genuine selfless
actions of those whose
love and trust in You is

For they shall always
depend on the power of
Your amazing grace and
love as I did when I
first surrendered self
to You.

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