In Three Days

As we see all the troubled times upon Israel, God's chosen nation,
To understand these times you need to turn to His Holy Revelation.

Hosea said of The Lord, after two days the land He would revive,
And after many dormant and desolate years, the land did come alive.

Hosea went on to say, on the third day the land would be restored,
This will be fulfilled when on David's Throne they see The Lord.

We are not talking days of past, but of years is what you might say,
But with the Lord a day is thousand years, and the years are a day.

For The Lord God is not constrained to earthly time like you and me,
For God is a timeless being, from the beginning through all eternity.

Time throughout The Bible has been used by God in different ways,
For a week in some prophetic passages is years, not simply days.

Seventy weeks in Daniel are decreed on his people and his Holy City,
To do away with sin and bring everlasting righteousness and safety.

The final week, which is the last seven years of Daniel's revelation,
Jeremiah calls The Time of Jacob's Trouble, or The Great Tribulation.

But, Zechariah tells of when God's Grace comes to this tiny nation,
And they will see the one they pierced, and will accept His Salvation.

It's true what Peter spoke about the prophets and what they decreed,
Their words are made more certain today for you and I to heed.

(Copyright © 04/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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