The Sisters

I am twelve years older
Than my youngest sister
When she was a little girl
She followed me everywhere
Like a dog that loves its master.

She is very much like me
Wrapped in a different body
She adored
Everything I got
From the sole of my feet
To the top of my head.

She suffered in silence
My tenderhearted lash and pinch
And all the treacheries I committed
She idolized and loved me
Every single day
Till doomsday.

Sometimes I hide
Just to be by myself
Away from her
But she is like a mushroom
That sprouts
Anywhere overnight.

At the onset of her youth
She did a 180 degree turn
She hated all things
That I got
Including my brain and guts.

And now I always wish
I could turn back
The hands of time
And be with my sister
All the time.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

by Rose Marie Juan Austin

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Most most thank u to u to putting this poetry on web
I like nature because I trees
i loved this poem it is really meaningful like nature
The poem is as magnificent, majestic, and vibrant as the nature itself!
Lovely poem! With a Shakespearean touch :)
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