In Time It Only Takes Two Decades

In time it only takes two decades for a babe to an adult to grow
And the prime of life years last a decade till time on the body does show
The Seasons seem to pass too quickly and too soon we grow old and gray
Though some with cosmetics and hair dyes try to cloak the signs of time's decay
Methuselah lived for nine centuries a myth that has often been told
But in the real World we live in a century for one very old
Us humans not unlike Nature's Seasons to life we come to and from go
And from life we do receive the karma of the seeds we have chosen to sow
It has been awhile since my prime years on looking back time seemed to fly
The years tell on us sooner or later though our age we may try to deny
The ego in us that does fear death without ego death we would not fear
Having said that the ego keeps us living so some ego good for us or so 'twould appear
So live for as long as you can live and though to the father of time we do bow
Tomorrow will come in it's own time and we only can live in the now.

by Francis Duggan

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