Better to be alone than in bad company
Said the wise man to me
The sultan of saints broke his silence
When strengthened seven times in speech by O Lord thee
Surrounded by people yet alone I am
Twenty four hours a day
Seven days a week
You can search the seven continents
And the seven seas
You can raise me to the seventh heaven
Or drag me to the lowest deep
There is no cure to this loneliness of mine

© 2015
All Rights Reserved

by Ayman Parray

Comments (2)

Oh my Lord! I am blown away. WONDERFUL POEM! ! ! ! ! ! I am grateful to have had stumbled upon this one.........10!
I love all of Brian Patten's work. I thought I saw him in London once as a young girl and was too shy to approach him and say 'I love your poems' All his work has enhanced my life. This has a simple folk quality.... just needs a guitar a flute and a pint of guiness. Millie x