In Tower Hill

Home to echidna, black wallaby and gray kangaroo
And koala, emu and yellow tailed black cockatoo
And where long billed corellas in large flocks reside
In a coastal place in South West Victoria that is known far and wide
Tower Hill in the volcanic valley home to the Budj Bim the regions first race
The first people to make this part of the South West their homeplace
In Tower Hill today you will hear the cough of a roo
But never the sound of a didgeridoo
In book form the true story of Tower Hill will never be told
It's oral history is very old
It was an ancient place in the Dreamtime
And has inspired story and song and rhyme
The male koala utters his hoarse mating call as the sun goes down
In Tower Hill Valley close to Koroit Town.

by Francis Duggan

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