In Towerhill In Koroit

The birds chirp and sing in the dawn clear and gray
In Towerhill in Koroit for to welcome the day
High above the stone cliffs in the southern sky
The great wedge tail eagle has death in her cry
On the lake roadway lookout overlooking Towerhill
The lake and it's surroundings to view almost still
A small mob of roos and four emus graze in the scrubland
Some two hundred metres below from where i stand
In awe of Nature in all of her splendour overlooking the view
This one of my best memories of Nature to retain and such good memories are not few
The history of Towerhill too old for to trace
To Australia's first people once a sacred place
For as long as i live the mental pictures i'll retain
And in memory i'll visit old Towerhill again.

by Francis Duggan

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