DB ( / Benson, North Carolina USA)

In Transcending Thoughts Of Glory

Though Love be perfected
In transcending thoughts of Glory
Human exile I deplore
and I seek the word of God on the heavenly shore.

No more vital statistics can I behold
except the word of God in which I'm truly sold
When human bondage fails me
I look to a higher power in Christ at Calvary.

For where blood was shed, He brings to life
the transcending love and removes the strife
And though violent men may travail in sin
God's glory will loosen the chain of bondage and let His love in.

And words of praise, I praise His name
this God Almighty rest my sin
For in the blood was shed for me
I died a death to sin, and I met the Son at Calvary.

And the world in which I live
I live it apart in the blood of Jesus Christ
And though my death to sin it be
I'm free to help others to see the light at Calvary.

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