Wrapped in a heart-like sack
Your face makes every bad crack flack,
Yet no one is scared,
I am Frankenstein's creation by the way
I am the cursed prince, cursed to be a forever beast
Yet the outburst of every sentiment is comforting
When ever your aroma sensate I lay unconscious
Mesmerized and memory so lost I stand anew
I burn violently with emotions so unknown, but so few
The outburst outbursts and everyone around enticed
Everyone around mesmerized yet glare disappointedly
All but you for you knew the confusion,
The shy beast glared with hate and blazing eyes
But yours were filled with the aura of romance
And as you picked me up from my shallow outburst
And your voice in my ear aurally appealing, I forgot
how much of a beast I was,
The sweat on my body became a river that you deprived
The day the heart-like sack in conclusion, exploded


Down the drain my emotions in shock where I froze
A fusillade that I saw coming, but still I pose
With nothing but a façade hoping protection it'll provide,
Yet my faith did not abide.

Down the hall into the dungeon
A fluent cause of restraint compensated
The outburst that had me suffocated,
The migraine that had conversated a pigeon.

Well, the anguish that nearly quenched my nought
And the pride that had me searching for a bought
Yet in the dungeon I haven't stirred
In the presence of such overwhelming feelings 'tis where I fled.

Fluctuant I fade there like a serpent
Bravery restrained and deprived I vent in the walls of superbia
Where my outburst is nothing but a bursting fear
I hide, I hide, in my mother's womb like an unborn infant.

by Raynolds Moseamedi

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