JP ( / Canada)

In Transition: You And Me

Tough it out with me the best is yet to be
Life ahead's uncertain - that we both may see
Stay close to me we'll both redeem a dream
That snapped away from us so quick and suddenly.

The road to life we took - such did it bring
More sorrows, sans the happiness can cling,
And those we dreamed of making us endeared,
Alas for us the opposite appeared,
Caught by surprise, in awe of why it did.

We're on the road from here to there
Which way it goes to us it's quite a steer,
Slowly trod and time is but we have
Faith in our hands and bonded but with love.

In today's world an effort's worth a try
We can envision and count our lucky star,
Life is out there within our reach not far
Hold on to my hand our quest can't turn awry.

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