In Truth You Are A Winner

It does not really matter if you were not good enough
Since you really did hang in there though the going for you too tough
Remember there's a difference when one talks of great and good
And though you did not get a place you did the best you could.

With your performance you feel disappointed and you feel you've left your family and friends down
But only three can fill the important placings 'tis a hard road to renown
You can only do your best that is all anyone can do
And you could not have done better what more can one ask of you?

They will not be celebrating in the pubs of your Hometown
And you feel like hiding somewhere since you feel you've left so many down
But you did as good as you could do so do not wallow in self blame
When in truth you are a winner then why hang your head in shame.

People with a narrow outlook may say you failed in the test
But what they say should not matter since you tried your very best
The winners get the adulation and their praises many sing
But they also have their critics jealousy is a strange thing.

It really should not matter others lose for one to win
And not to have a podium finish should not be seen as a sin
And though you may not have won a medal you gave it your best try
And in truth you are a winner look the World in the eye.

by Francis Duggan

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