In Utah Wanting/Needing You

In Utah now sweet one
and more depressed without you
being here too to hold so close,
talk and shed some tears as I release.
Being back in the state we met
is so hard to face without you
being here to hold hands feeling
you beside me in totality.
I love you sweet Kira and am
wanting and needing you here with me.
It's so hard to return without
the precious jewel so pure.

In Utah now sweet one
to attend my Grandpas funeral
and just want you here.
I have long avoided
and feared this return here
and need you here to help
make this return and event more bearable,
my family truly cares for you
and would love your presence and support too.
I love you sweet one and want
you by my side forevermore,
remember dear my hand's in yours.
You are my Angel and souls delight,
I want and need you sweet Kira dear
you are my heart and soul truly want.
Kira love you truly are my only one.

by Michael P. McParland

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