In Vaughan's Old Cemetery

In Vaughan's old cemetery in Spring
The birds of Nature chirp and sing
Above the graves where the bones of the dead lay
The unnamed dead from far away

They came from China to central Victoria we are told
As many did then for to mine for gold
In the dry and the brown countryside
Far south of their Homeland they died

No monument for to mark the spot
Of where they lay buried and forgot
As if as people they did not count
And their lives to nothing did amount

Discrimination should not be anybody's due
But that they knew of this happens to be true
Adventurous young men from a distant Land
They spoke in a language others did not understand

For to travel so far they had to be adventurous and brave
And the lifetime reward for each of them an unmarked grave
The only signs of their existence that does remain
In Vaughan near the Town of Castlemaine

They too had their dreams of wealth and fame like you and i
And they did not come to Castlemaine in poverty for to die
In unmarked graves in Vaughan their bones do lay
From their home Country of China many kilometers away.

by Francis Duggan

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