In View Of Cashman's Old Hill

The silence one might say is almost profound
In the quiet of the Tanyard in the burial ground
In the gray of the twilight just after sundown
In view of Cashman's old hill close to Millstreet Town

Where some of the deceased of Millstreet Parish do lay
Many of them by the Cemetery of St Mary's first saw light of day
Some of their descendants in Duhallow reside
And some known to live in Cities Worldwide

Some of them died young and some of them lived to die old
And in book form many of their life stories will never be told
But life is a journey as we all know well
And of everyone's life there is a story to tell

In the gray after sundown as darkness gather in the sky
The starlings in large flocks to their roosting trees fly
And in the Duhallow twilight there is a cool chill
In the freshening breeze blowing down from Cashman's Hill.

by Francis Duggan

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