In Warrnambool Today

The long grass in the coastal paddock is the colour of hay
And the full tide covers the beach to the sand dunes in Warrnambool today
The weather is quite pleasant with a freshening coastal breeze
The weather forecaster says a high of twenty one degrees
The great City of Warrnambool by the Pacific sea
In a famous coastal region with a proud history
I met a gray haired man in Liebig Street he had lived here all of his life
One in his early eighties he has outlived his wife
He said Warrnambool has grown a lot since I was a young man
And that is going back fifty years in time a lengthy span
They raised their two sons in Warrnambool he's a great grand dad today
In the old Warrnambool cemetery with his wife his bones will lay
He says I do love Warrnambool of that fact why should I lie
And I will live in Warrnambool until the day I die.

by Francis Duggan

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