In Warrnambool

In Warrnambool 'tis often windy even on a warm Summer's day
Than most other places five to six degrees cooler made cool by the cool winds from Lady Bay
A beautiful part of the World and a city that has won renown
For the famous steeplechase known as the Grand Annual each Easter in the Racecourse near Warrnambool Town,
Off of Logan's beach in Warrnambool the southern right whales come to breed every Spring
To see these great giants of the ocean is truly an amazing thing
Many visit Warrnambool to see them the mother right whales and their young
The Warrnambool whales have inspired many stories and songs on them written and sung
In Warrnambool there is a freshness in the cool and clean coastal air
It is such a beautiful City I always do feel at home there,
The people there are always so friendly they make you feel like one of their own
Although in that Town I'm a stranger and by none of the locals there known
And in Warrnambool there is a freshness in the wind that blows up from the sea
And though I am not one who has lived there it does feel like a home to me.

by Francis Duggan

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