In Wars Over Decades

In wars over decades all around the World millions of soldiers and civilians have died
But that from wars any lessons not learned is a fact that cannot be denied
One war seems to lead to another and in every war many a war crime
It seems there will not be peace in the World at least not in my lifetime
In acts of terrorism that in war has it's source many innocent civilians have died over the years
In war there is never a winner only death, suffering and sorrow and tears
The nationalists and patriots may wave their flags and banners at every war victory parade
But the huge cost of every war victory from history is allowed for to fade
Every war parade to the flag waving patriots is a public show of egotistical esteem
Just recruiting shows for impressionable young patriots who dream of becoming war heroes it would seem
That the old heroes only wish to brainwash the aspiring young heroes to becoming brave soldiers one day
To fight under the flag of their Country for a dubious cause in lands far away
In war and terrorism that is linked to it far too many people have died
But from war lessons are never learned a sad fact that cannot be denied.

by Francis Duggan

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