In What In Ourselves We Do See

'Tis said we dislike in others in what in ourselves we do see
And though with that saying just like all other sayings not everyone does agree
That we can see our own worst traits in others does make some sense to me
They become the reflective mirrors of our negativity
In our dislike of others we mostly tend to be discreet
But we cannot like everybody that we get to know or meet
Are we that any different to the little girl or boy
Amongst their many playthings they have one favourite toy
For to like everybody equally one would need to be a saint
And very few if anyone who are completely free of taint
To like some better than others is quite a natural thing
And the praises of those that we like we find easy to sing
And that we dislike in others what in ourselves we see
Is a saying that has some truth in it or so 'twould seem to me.

by Francis Duggan

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