In Windy Warrnambool Today

A breezy place that is often sunny those who know of it do say
And the coastal gales are blowing in windy Warrnambool today
On the breakwater wall the huge waves crashing spewing up a frothy spray
And behind the gray clouds above saltwater the sun is hidden away

Windy Warrnambool by the Pacific often lives up to it's name
But the gales that howl so fiercely eventually blow themselves tame
By the breakwater wall the moored boats rocking by the huge waves tossed to and fro
That boat fishers are often shore bound in Warrnambool is often so

Warrnambool the windy City in south west Victoria's coastal countryside
To witness it's splendid natural beauty people come from places far and wide
Even on wet and windy weather the sun peeps through the clouds of gray
In Spring in a day often four Seasons Warrnambool can be this way

On an evening in early October of sporadic bursts of sunshine
The wild coastal gales are howling in the rocking norfolk pine
In Warrnambool windy City an evening of storm and sun and rain
Storm water gurgling in the gutterings and flowing brown in every street drain.

by Francis Duggan

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