In Wonthaggi A Former

In Wonthaggi a former coastal mining Town of South Gippsland there is no mining for coal today
The most of the Wonthaggi miners in the cemetery by Cameron Street lay
The men who led the miners strike in South Gippsland for better working conditions and pay
Made life better for all Australian coal miners they were men among men one can say
Once the home of South Gippsland's first people the tribe known as the Bunurong
To the centuries prior to written history their legends and stories belong
They hunted and fished in South Gippsland and in Summer evenings had their corroborees
Out of the heat of the full sun in the cooler shade of the trees
From Wonthaggi and the surrounding country the Bunurong and the coal miners gone
The passing of time does bring changes But life as it has always done goes on
Yet sadly in the Town of Wonthaggi where Australian coal mining history was made
For the hard working coal mining migrants no monument or never a street parade
As is said about time it brings changes and eventually becomes everyone's foe
And to Wonthaggi in southern Gippsland the Seasons do come and do go.

by Francis Duggan

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