In Wonthaggi Today

Men do not mine for brown coal in Wonthaggi today
In what was a hard way for to earn one's pay
Many decades ago young men to work in the mines migrated to there from Lands far away
Where many of them married and raised their children and grew old and gray

Many of the original Wonthaggi miners hailed from Italy
They labored in the mines to support their family
Many of the young people of the Wonthaggi of today have an Italian surname
As proof of the Land of where from their ancestors came

In the cemetery off of Cameron Street the bones of Wonthaggi's first miners lay
They were honest and hard working people of them one can say
To bring a new culture to Wonthaggi one of their claims to renown
They grew old and died in the South Gippsland Town

Where a people proud of their culture and history reside
A tourist destination for many from places far and wide
Who visit the home of coastal South Gippsland's first people known as the Bunurong
Today their spirits live in legend, story and song

A South Gippsland coastal Town with a coal mining past
But few things in life ever do seem to last
No mining for brown coal in Wonthaggi today
Time brings with it changes as some do like to say.

by Francis Duggan

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