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In You Shall We Find Rest
JW (09/15/1985 / Madera, California USA)

In You Shall We Find Rest

Poem By Jesse Wood

King of the Jews, King of my heart
My heart longs and aches for your mercies tender
Divine, incarnate Spirit sent to save accursed world.
Who else, but the Chosen One would deliver me?
Wicked, Sinful nature of Man original sin born.
Hundreds of years of prophesy fulfilled
Virgin pure of heart chosen to carry newborn babe
O woe to the wicked, for the Lord our God smote them all and reduced their
lands to rubble.
Never again shall we live in darkness
Redemption - Sweet blood of Christ eternal
I am chained, yet I do not hunger nor do I thirst
For the Word of the Almighty I shall partake
of the spiritual bread and drink, from cup overflowing with love
Captive forevermore, how gracious is the Master, who will destroy earthly form.
Illustrious Spirit, tongue sharp as swords for the Word of God is mighty
'O gentle Shepherd, find us once more, ' the people cry.
Patient, humble Savior in You shall we find rest

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