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In Your Eyes
REK (02/10/1985 / Beirut)

In Your Eyes

Poem By Rita El Khoury

You've searched for Him through pain,
Through punctures, needles and agony
Through drugs running in an IV or drain,
Through life's laughs of sarcasm and irony.

You've searched for Him in nurses,
In doctors, pharmacists, technical employees
In people's refusal of your personal curses
In the righteousness you failed to seize.

You've searched for Him through despair
Through the loneliness you felt in company
Through the abandonment you couldn't bear
Through destiny's insensitivity and tyranny.

You've searched for Him in your Mom's face
In the pittiful looks of family and friends
In the idea of death you refused to embrace
In the miracle on which your survival depends.

You've searched for Him through tears
Through joys you missed or never felt
Through deceptions, guilt, silence and fears
Through a soul that died before the body melt.

You've searched for Him in the Bible
In stories you read and those you'll never read
In the smile of which your lips weren't capable
In the constant wish of your soul to be freed.

You've searched for Him through time
Through unfulfilled dreams in your heart
Through a body and mind that couldn't chime
Through muscles, bones, hair that fell apart.

You've searched for Him in every place
In whispers around you and unveiled lies,
Didn't it occur to you that by looking at your face
You would've found Jesus in your own eyes?

Inspired by Jana
18yr old girl, cancer
(for purposes of explanation)

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