Two Faced

Deep down inside somewhere,
A battle ensues like nowhere,
Battle for control between two faces of same coin,
Somewhere a line drawn in the peace of my mind.

Lifting up pieces of broken dreams and pain,
With my own hands I carved out every inch of one face,
Which reminds me never to look up at sky again,
And not to believe in love, in case.

Fuels my fears,
With the help of past,
Brings in the dried up tears.
Pulls me back to ground Each time I try to fly around.

'Live like normal,
Die like normal,
Why is there a need to be special? ',
It says,
And with this thought I push every opportunity away.

Yet another face I carved,
With happiness it was marred,
It was bright and shining,
It was like the cloud's silver lining.

I showed me the way,
Taught me to save everyone's day,
Helped me unlock powers of my mind,
And bring happiness that was divine.

'You have dreams,
You have whatever it takes,
So why not acquire some stakes? '
And with this thought,
I stand up and look for a new ray.

With a hint of chance,
My heart starts to flip,
The faces changing frequently,
Scenes of happiness and pain skip.

Drives me mad,
Drives me crazy,
What to do what not,
Still remains a mystery.

In the never ending battle between two faces,
The only loss is mine,
So without thinking much of the consequences,
I keep living, keep trying.

by Two Face

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Comments (9)

A wonderful poem of love. Well done my friend. Richard
A really lovely poem, Nightingale. Thanks for it and hope you find the paradise that you so desire.
very beautiful. so full of love and happiness. maybe i should follow your lead and write a happy poem for once. read my poem 'Eyes' its quite simaler.
A trap and loving soul..set free..taking flight to happiness love it, well composed and thought out...this is fine poetry my friend. best wishes Jon
From despair to the love, only one blinking of eyes. You write perfectly and is sweet the Nightingale. ...10... Tsira
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