In Your Eyes

Like a pauper wearing the same old clothes every season
That is how you look
Cheated, deprived and violated

I see the ravenous eyes of your children
Looking expectantly at me
And I wonder if this is the season of starvation

I see the kleptomaniacs
Wearing parachute- like robes
Moving about with bags of loots
And I see law enforcers carousing with them

I see Judges turning justice upside down
And Journalists lining their pockets with filthy lucre
As they bend the truth

I see the Children crying in pains of hunger
I hear the sad songs on your streets
As I inhale the noxious perfume of acrid smokes

Oh, I learnt everything here is for sale;
Conscience, judgement, votes, human and vehicular parts

Only your conscience is left unsaleable
And in your eyes lie the hope of bliss to come.

by Martin Ayanbare Ayankola

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