A Night Full Of Mystery(Inspired By Vampire Knight)

One day it came to me
The day when I met he
The guy who was full of mystery
And left my head with much curiosity

He always wanted to be alone
And often does his emotions not shown
And now he has outgrown
The curiosities much more impossible to be blown

Every night I see him
Creeping in the woods so dim
Leaning in the pain he's probably suffering
That had always left a question in my mind hanging

One night I followed him
From the trace of his screaming
Then after a few seconds I was panicking
For a beast was suddenly attacking

A familiar face saved me
With his mouth so bloody
What could he possibly be?
Then suddenly I realized he was bloodthirsty

I was aware of the possibility
That fear would soon capture me
But then I opened my eyes to see the reality
That he didn't want this to be

He didn't want to bring fear to humanity
As a child he was living peacefully
Now his life's broken to misery
And I finally understood he

The crystals from his eyes tell me
That the pain was killing he
That he was calling help from me
Before he comes to level E

Now that I unlocked the mystery
I knew my heads not spinning because of curiosity
For when he stares at me
It's like my world's suddenly turned to fantasy

I'd rather tell my cry
For my heart couldn't keep a lie
For his eyes is blazing with fire
I'll always dream for a date with the vampire

by Genese Lozada

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A succinct write about love. Beautifully crafted. Great piece.10